We offer a specified hand-delivery provider (across better London just) in addition to across the country postal shipment


We offer a specified hand-delivery provider (across Greater London merely) also all over the country postal shipping. Due to the delicate nature of your items hands distribution is preferred. For postal deliveries our items are properly manufactured and branded “handle with care”.

Right now we provide NOSHY to house, enterprises, and charities over the UNITED KINGDOM.

The NOSHY prefer dressing for an occasion and attempt to become best-robed guest at any event. To ensure your own goodies reach your because attractively even as we produced them, we recommend our designated give shipment service where possible. For our visitors based outside better London, we faithfully set all parcels with designated “handle properly” labeling. But please excuse you if every once in awhile the postman may have got only a little petal party with your NOSHY leaving a tiny bit trail of confetti. Do not think twice to call us with any queries.

To produce their our NOSHY truffles achieve your properly we’ll need their full name, their target like residence and/ or level quantity, and postcode. The other supply of phone number will guarantee our very own courier can get in touch with your at the time of your own shipments if you refuse to be at your home for the distribution. We’ll therefore remember to contact both you and consent a secure location for the package.

It is possible to! Place their order, choose all of our totally new mouse click and gather provider and in addition we’ll see you quickly at the shop ‘azure on Heath.’

All orders located by 3pm are going to be delivered within two business days. For Express & Same Day deliveries, the concierge employees might be happy to help you. Kindly email: concierge@lovenoshy

We currently deliver NOSHY to house, organizations, and causes across the UK.

Our recommended hand-delivery prices A?9.50 for London addresses neighborhood to you and A?16.50 for further Greater London address contact information.

We-ship special-delivery by Regal Post across the UNITED KINGDOM for A?5.50.

For several orders over A?60, distribution is on us.

Should you want to render an alteration kik dating to your order, all of our concierge group can be pleased to work with you. Please e-mail: concierge@lovenoshy

Oh no! From inside the unlikely occasion of goods harm, all of our concierge personnel is ready to help. Be sure to e-mail: concierge@lovenoshy

Egad! In extremely unlikely celebration a product is lost out of your order, our concierge team is ready to rectify the omission. Be sure to e-mail: concierge@lovenoshy

Our concierge staff is standing up by to aid. Please email: concierge@lovenoshy

We hunger to excite you, from basic sight to latest chew. However if you might be disappointed along with your purchase for reasons uknown, please email: concierge@lovenoshy


Unfortunately, we can’t setup visits. Our very own workshop try at the mercy of rigorous food safety and protection specifications.

Our NOSHY elements tend to be organic, superior, all-natural, and ethicala��sustainably acquired from little, professional manufacturers and growers. We companion with British providers whenever we can. If you wish to learn more about NOSHYa��s ingredients, information is available in the a�?Our Naturea�� website webpage.

Ita��s perhaps not an acronym, ita��s an activity! The word a�?nosha�? way to take in a treat or chew on one thing, and therefore a�?noshya�? ways snackable or munchable. At NOSHY, wea��re taking that idea into uncharted territory. Wea��re reimagining healthier snacking and insisting you could have almost everything: appears, taste, and benefits. All of our one-of-a-kind stamina truffles beautify the standard minutes of day with pleasure, nutrition, and inspiration. Ita��s no happenstance your title NOSHY echoes phrase like delighted, sunny, and funny. Thata��s precisely why our logo is within the model of a grin, as well!

The edible petals robing our NOSHY fuel truffles arena��t simply very to check out. Wea��ve very carefully picked each petal type because it’s packed with overall health benefits. (consult a�?Our Naturea�� webpage for more information on our foods.) The edible flower petals additionally hold our truffles beautifully fresh and wet so that you could enjoy. Thata��s why all of our flowery coatings become our brand name signaturea��totally distinctive to NOSHY (UNITED KINGDOM + Int’l patent). Covering each truffle in flower petals entails no two truffles tend to be similar. Each was a unique, hand made development. Ita��s one of the numerous steps we celebrate the good thing about individuality at NOSHY.

Excuse all of us for blowing our own trumpet, but our very own strength truffles commonly like any some other energy basketball available to choose from. NOSHY are only electricity golf balls on earth which are beautifully robed in delicious flower petals. And even though they have been spectacular, they usually have nothing to keep hidden. The petals is chock-full of overall health benefits and, whenever you peel back once again the levels of a NOSHY truffle, youa��ll discover only natural, advanced, sustainably acquired ingredients. The electricity truffles include artisan-made, natural and organic, without, and bursting with goodness. They rip up the clean eating tip publication and overturn all dreary impression of just what healthier tastes and appears to be. Just who claims you cana��t own it all?

NOSHY are kosher licensed by KLBD the Kashrut (Kosher) unit in the London Beth Din (Jewish court). All our goods are ideal for a kosher eating plan.